With more than 21 anos atuando na área de engenharia civil, We specialize in the development and manufacture of aluminium profiles for frames, steel plates, Decorative Laminates, solid aluminum and aluminum that can be used in various types of projects.

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What we offer

Oferecemos aos nossos clientes, serviços e produtos de altíssima qualidade, tanto nos projetos de instalação quanto nos materiais utilizados.

We count with a wide partnership so that our customers have freedom in choosing the best materials to be used in works.

We work with various partners, proporcionando a livre escolha dos materiais que serão utilizados na obra, highly reliable materials, in order to ensure better use, gerando menos custo e atendendo perfeitamente as necessidades específicas de cada obra.

Below we can see some of the various materials used:

Works already carried out

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