Fire doors for flames

Fire protection – functional and visually appealing.

The fire doors for blaze are ideal for fire protection, for being a steel material is not flammable and not suffer considerable changes of stability in case of fire, becomes the ideal raw material for the manufacture of doors and fire glass.

In an emergency situation, the fire doors in steel can help save lives. Whether in private settlement, public or commercial – the fire doors allow you to create a security perimeter fire containment sections and delay the spread of blaze so significant. Because to its insulating properties, These products lock the temperature rise on the side farthest from the fire, what contributes to protect the escape routes, as stairways or corridors, for example.

Fire protection systems have been proven and tested by company Switzerland Jansen partner of Tecnosystem ensure functionality, flexibility and aesthetic value. These profiles also allow systems using low profiles, even in the case of high safety requirements.

The possibility to combine different doors and fire glass forms the basis of our system solutions, always fulfilling the goals of protection and safety.